Each year, on-campus residents vote to elect the next RCSA President.



The Elections and Appointments Committee (EAC) drafts the RCSA’s Elections Policies and Procedures (EPP) document each year. The EPP dictates how elections are run as well as the guidelines that all candidates must follow.


RCSA Eletions Timeline.jpg

Position Description


  1. Facilitates General Council and Executive Board Meetings

  2. Serves on all RCSA Committees unless otherwise stated

    1. Serves on the Budget Advisory Committee as a resource for the Director of Administration & Finance

  3. Chair the Elections and Appointments Committee, or appoint proxy

    1. Serves as a resource during selection of future RCSA board members in an advisory role

  4. Has regular meetings with Professional Staff to talk about issues such as:

    1. New methods for Professional Staff to Solicit Student Feedback

    2. Follow-up on time-sensitive issues

  5. Works with campus wide partners for the benefit of students

    1. Assists other Executive Board members in forming partnerships and seeing out the implementation of partnerships. For example:

      1. Partnerships with student groups to put up donation boxes for different initiatives

      2. Partnerships with organizations that would like to get their message out through our various marketing channels (Email, posters, Hall Councils, etc.) when the values of said organization’s message aligns with RCSA’s goals

  6. Is the face of RCSA

    1. Meets with the senior UW administrators so they know what RCSA is and that they know to come to RCSA when discussing issues related to housing and dining

    2. Network with HFS professional staff to maintain a positive relationship between students and professional staff

    3. Meet with other prominent student leaders (ASUW, GPSS, Panhellenic, IFC, etc.) to talk about issues that go beyond residential students

    4. Ensure that RCSA, the Executive Board members, and our representatives hold a consistent level of integrity throughout our work

  7. Sits on various University Committees

    1. Public Ceremonies Committee

    2. First Year Programs Advisor Group

  8. Oversees and acts as a resource/ support to Executive Board members

    1. Plans and holds 1:1 meetings with each Executive Board member weekly to track the progress

Candidacy Forms

Candidacy filing open 12:01am Jan. 14th 2019. If your would like to learn more about the RCSA Presidency or you would like advice on campaigning, you are welcome to reach out to rcsapres@uw.edu to setup a time to meet.



Appointments occur each year after the elections are finalized. Each Director is appointed by the Elections and Appointments Committee and confirmed by the General Council.


Position Descriptions

Director, Recognition and Partnerships

  1. Facilitates General Council meetings when the President is unable to do so

  2. Serve as a liaison to the Residential Programming Board (RPB), Students Expressing Environmental Dedication organization (SEED), Residence Education Programmers (REP) organization

  3. Recognize the work of any/all resident through non-competitive awards and encourage community building through competitive challenges for Hall/Community councils.

  4. Coordinate RCSA committees and sub-committees

  5. Seek out effective partnerships with campus and non-campus organizations, excluding any ASUW affiliated group

  6. Facilitate activities of the Executive Board and General Council such as bonding exercises or trainings;

  7. Lead inclusion discussions and initiatives to advocate for all residents

Director, Communications and Marketing

  1. Writes, edits, and creates RCSA marketing

  2. Develops marketing and communication plan for RCSA

  3. Serve as a resource regarding communication of the Association;

  4. Designs and maintains design of RCSA website

  5. Facilitate open communication between RCSA and University administration;

  6. Provide for a standard process by which to collect members’ comments and inquiries;

  7. Complete an Annual Report in coordination with the Executive Board for the RCSA’s constituents and stakeholders that highlights how the organization is working to meet its strategic goals and mission;

Director, Administration and Finance

  1. Completes administrative tasks (keeping minutes, making agendas, powerpoints, etc.)

  2. Chairs the Budget Advisory Committee

  3. Keeps track of the budget and creates process for spending the budget

  4. Keeps track  of and facilitates the funding proposal process

  5. Maintain the content of the website

Director, External Affairs

  1. Oversee and maintain the legislative processes and governing documents of the RCSA;

  2. Serve as an expert in parliamentary procedure;

  3. Serve as Chief Senator of the Association which includes the following:

    a. Attend ASUW Student Senate meetings;

    b. Report to the RCSA Executive Board and the General Council on the happenings of the ASUW Student Senate;

    c. Assist the Hall Councils in filling ASUW Student Senate seats;

    d. Facilitate the Hall Caucus committee; and

    e. Train Hall Council Senators.

     4. Serve as the RCSA liaison to and from the ASUW Board of Directors by networking with ASUW officials.


The appointments timeline is outlined in the EPP. Once approved, the timeline will appear here.


Applications open 12:01am Jan. 14th 2019. If you would like to learn more about a position, you can come to that director’s scheduled office hours or you can setup a time to meet with her/him. Contact information for each current director can be found here.