Initiatives are the way we organize our goals into action items. Each initiative centers around an aspect of our mission and has clear, measurable goals that we work to meet.

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Initiative 1: What is RCSA?

Recruitment, Retention, Recognition, Registration

This initiative is all about educating the public to who we are, what we do, and how to participate.

Main Goals

  1. Full membership in all areas (Hall Council, General Council, Committees).

  2. Recognition of the RCSA mission.

  3. 300 new followers on social media accounts.
    You can do it here: (Facebook: /uwrcsa and Instagram: @uwrcsa)

  4. 90% attendance at first 2 General Council meetings.

  5. Register 100 people to vote, which you can do here.

  6. And more!

Initiative 2: dare to be

Dare to be informed, dare to be connected, dare to be involved, dare to be creative, dare to be a leader

This initiative is all about daring to step out your comfort zone and taking that next step

Main Goals:

  1. 400+ social media followers

  2. 10% Voter Participation

  3. Get 3 people apply per position

  4. 20 people at the info session

  5. 75 people at the Rates Proposal



Initiative 3: Coming Soon

Get ready for a new initiative, coming Spring 2019.

Initiative 4: Coming Soon

Get ready for a new initiative.