1. More effective training

    1. One of my main goals for the start of the year was to use our time effectively during the time before General Council starts. One of the most important factors in our better training schedule was me working with the RCSA advisor. Because the RCSA advisor, Alexa, participates in making the autumn training schedule for everyone (RCSA, RPB, etc.), she was my biggest ally in making sure that our schedule was efficient and effective. I worked with her to identify which trainings my board was interested in participating in, and worked to fit those into central trainings. Because RCSA has specific needs in information that will be effective to directors, not all of the central trainings that are giving to RAs were valuable to us, so I worked with Alexa to ensure that we maximized our time in sessions that were valuable to the group as a whole. Finally, we wanted to ensure that we spent time during training working on our initiatives, so I had Alexa schedule us time to table for the elections campaign. During this time, we registered over 100 students and got to talk to hundreds more. I think that this was one of the most valuable components of our training experience.

  2. Faces Raffle

    1. In an effort to test our new email marketing capabilities and engage students from the start of the quarter, I championed an initiative to have residents submit a picture of themselves/their friends. A random resident was then selected to receive an amazon gift card. The response that we got was incredible. We received close to 100 submissions from residents of all backgrounds. All of these photos were used to create a huge collage that can now be seen on the RCSA website.

  3. Get Out to Vote Campaign

    1. I won’t speak too much on this accomplishment because others have talked about it extensively. I would like to highlight that the RCSA Executive Board registered 100+ students to vote, encouraged many more to submit their ballot, and contributed towards a more civically engaged residential body.

  4. Expanded WInter Quarter Dining Hours

    1. While this was not my idea and not my goal from the start of the year (kudos Sophie), I as well as the rest of the Executive Board put in a lot of hours towards expanding dining hours for winter break. In the process of accomplishing this, we reaffirmed that RCSA is an organization that should be respected and heard. While there were several bumps along the road to this accomplishment, I am proud of my board for sticking through it.


  1. RCSA General Council Engagement / The Future of RCSA

    1. One of my greatest concerns is the lack of enthusiasm from our RCSA General Council. In past years, I have seen certain individuals emerge as individuals that have gone above and beyond. While it is obviously not a requirement for representatives to go beyond their assigned duties, the future of RCSA requires individuals that are passionate about the organization. Whether it is on the fault of the Executive Board for failing to instill passion into out General Council or a general lack of interest on the part of our council, our engagement and passion for improving the residential experience needs some improvement.

Goals for next quarter:

  1. Continue to Pursue Executive Board Priorities

    1. We kicked the quarter off by meeting with Pam, the Executive Director of HFS. In this meeting, we outlined several priorities for the rest of the year that the Executive Board is especially passionate about. It is my goal to see at least some of these priorities move forward to changes.

  2. Dare to be Initiative

    1. We have kicked off the quarter with a “Dare to Be” marketing campaign for elections/selections. My goal for this quarter is to extend this to an official initiative and track our progress/accomplishments of this initiative.

Organizational Advice:

  1. My biggest piece of advice for RCSA is invest in the future. The longer I have been apart of RCSA, the more I understand that people are out biggest asset. If we don’t invest the time in developing the next Executive Board or the next leaders of our community, that will be considerably more detrimental than failing to put on a program or getting a low attendance at one meeting.

Administration and Finance


  1. I moved the RCSA funding proposal process away from inside HFS and into google forms, making the process more accessible to the residential population.

    1. Now people who do not have access to inside HFS can make requests, including capital expenses, widening the reach of RCSA dollars

  2. The new RCSA website is up and running with all new updated content

    1. As this is a main point of information a well run website is key to people knowing what RCSA is

  3. I have been accurately keeping track of the RCSA budget in a non residential life spreadsheet


  1. My position focus on a lot of little tasks which means it is easy to be bogged down in feelings of not doing a lot

  2. The organization as a whole is focusing on very individualized things and not working together a lot

Goals for next quarter:

  1. Have a more consistent schedule of updating the RCSA Public Drive

  2. Fully create the Capital Expense check out system

  3. Be more prepared to be a resource to BAC

Advice (for organization moving forward):

  1. Create something that we can all work on together (maybe an iteration of symposium or HINT)

Budget Advisory Committee


  1. Changed the  dynamic of BAC so the chair functions as the chair

  2. Added a meeting to the end of BAC so that the committee members could give valuable feedback on the actual HFS budget  

  3. Facilitated a change of content in BAC to match member interest


  1. The purpose of BAC needs to be clearly defined between HFS professional staff and Student Leaders

  2. BAC members can come off as hostile and it can put professional staff on edge

Goals for next quarter:

  1. Prepare committee members for Budget 101 and Rates Proposal

  2. Continue to tailor course material to the committee members interest levels

  3. Be prepared to be a better source of information for members and residents

Advice (for organization moving forward):

  1. BAC should have a defined goal agreed upon by professional staff and student leaders

  2. Members should be given a brief how-to ask questions  

External Affairs


  1. Midterm Elections (Registration Drive and Get-Out-the-Vote)

    1. Registered 100+ students to vote in WA state.

    2. Organized and participated in several voting-focused events (Rock the Vote w/ OGR, Take-to-the-Polls w/ Hall Councils).

  2. Drafted and finalized the RCSA Election Policies and Procedures (EPP) for the RCSA Elections and Selections process.

  3. Developed a positive relationship with the ASUW Board of Directors and several entities.

  4. Assisted in the development and drafting of the ASUW Legislative Agenda, the document indicating the priorities and platforms of the students of the UW with respect to lobbying the state legislature, by sitting as a voting member on the ASUW Legislative Steering Committee.

    1. Boosts the RCSA’s mission of advocating on behalf of residents.

  5. Drafted and finalized the RCSA Communications Policy.

  6. Successfully drafted, presented, and passed a General Council legislation - GC 1819.5.1: A Resolution in Support of Cake -  which calls for the purchase of cake at the end of the year for a celebration of General Council members.

    1. Helps members understand how to use RCSA as a resource to influence change.

  7. Successfully drafted and passed the RCSA Election Policies for the 2019 Presidential Elections with the assistance of two General Council members and the RCSA Executive Board.

  8. Assisted in the process extending the hours of operation at two HFS locations during winter break through passing Senate legislation and lobbying Dining administrators.


  1. Accomplishments of RCSA are not being highlighted. For instance, when we work with HFS administration to change something about the resident experience, it is often not made noticeable or communicated to residents.

  2. We are not seen as being a resource in many campus groups and organizations or non-resident students for that matter. We need to increase our visibility as a resource for everyone, not just residents because we serve as the only direct campus group that works with HFS to affect change.

Goals for next quarter:

  1. Run a successful and transparent elections and selections process by having multiple candidates for each position, higher voter turn-out, and a more visible election.

  2. Have a General Council member draft, present, and pass RCSA legislation in General Council.

  3. Meet with/have face-time with, every entity in ASUW to build trust and brand identity.

  4. Begin implementation of a “Director of Graduate Affairs” into RCSA who will attend GPSS meetings, work with HFS to develop its graduate strategy, and help to better communicate with graduates.


  1. Modify how we are seen by students and campus organizations by being direct in our messaging and putting students first above all else.

  2. Show our members more examples of legislation and/or issues that could be solved using legislation in order to get more activity in drafting and passing legislation.

  3. Flex the fact that RCSA is the third largest student government organization on campus (ASUW, GPSS, RCSA).

Hall Caucus


  1. Developed a sense of community/purpose within Hall Caucus. Members are excited to come to Hall Caucus and Senate and have developed relations with one-another.

  2. Recruited and maintained membership in 26/32 (81%) of available positions.

  3. Began to draft several pieces of legislation for submission during Winter Quarter.

  4. Had 90% attendance of Hall Caucus members at the first two ASUW Senate meetings.


  1. Hall Senators are less satisfied with ASUW Senate over Hall Caucus.

  2. Hall Senators seem excited to produce legislation, but it has taken a significant amount of time to produce anything to present.

Goals for next quarter:

  1. Draft, present, and pass a piece of legislation written by Hall Caucus.

  2. Have 80% attendance throughout the quarter (both Senate and Hall Caucus). (Current 70%)

  3. Fill at least one seat in Cedar, Nordheim, and Stevens.


  1. Continue valuing the Hall Caucus as a influential and vital branch of RCSA.

  2. Continue working to get Hall Senators involved and dedicated to making change.

  3. Urge Hall Caucus members to use their voice in Senate collectively.

Communications and Marketing


  1. Successfully branded and marketed RCSA all autumn quarter initiatives

    1. What is RCSA?

      1. Tableing

      2. Postcards

      3. Posters

      4. Social Media branding

  2. Present RCSA marketing strategies to the HFS Communications and Marketing Department.

    1. To ask feedbacks and improvements

    2. To collaborate on marketing plans for RCSA

  3. Created communications policy with the Director of External Affairs to ensure all communications are follow the guidelines.

  4. Created and established the inquiry system:

    1. Digital form created and line of communications

    2. Streamline process of transcribing the inquiries

    3. Constant communications between RCSA and professional staff  

  5. Work with the president to advocate real time inquiries in HFS buildings:

    1. Meeting with Dining and COMMAR multiples throughout the year.

  6. Reach Social media goals set for the beginning of the quarter

    1. 200 active instagram followers

  7. Draft the marketing plan for RCSA Selection and Election.


  1. Workload during Winter Break — I worked over 36 hours during this Winter break to create the marketing materials for RCSA selection and election.

  2. Not having a marketing and branding guidelines for RCSA.

Goals for next quarter:

  1. Follow my marketing plan that I created for RCSA Selection and Election

  2. More involved in RCSA policies

  3. Social media gain 200 more follower by the end of winter quarter.

Advice (for organization moving forward):

  1. Value the power of marketing and branding!

Partnerships and Recognition


  1. As pertains to the Autumn Initiative “What is RCSA?”

    1. Coordinated with First Year Programs to host a “UW Trivia” Kahoot game before Quad Flicks for an audience of around 1,000 students. The questions were centered around interesting and little-known facts (how many nobel prize laureates are UW alumni and what does RCSA stand for, for example) with fun prizes.

    2. Coordinated with RPB to host Kahoot games before two RPB movie screenings. Games were centered around the movie with two-four questions about RCSA and RPB.

    3. Spoke to Sylvia Jones’s FIG about RCSA and ways for them to get involved.

    4. A Hall/Community Council Of the Month challenge was to get 50% of their Hall/Community Council to friend/follow RCSA on Instagram or Facebook.

    5. A Hall/Community Council Of the Month challenge was to do a five question Kahoot about RCSA.

  2. As pertains to the Autumn Initiative “Get Out to Vote!”

    1. A Hall/Community Council Of the Month challenge was to partake in the take-to-the-polls event hosted by RCSA on November 5th.

  3. As pertains to RCSA General Council

    1. Organized eight speakers (one per week) covering a range of topics (capital planning, Perks ‘n Rec, career and internship center, etc) to give 30 minute presentations to general council.

    2. Created “Weekly Update” emails; one for our RCSA representatives and one for Hall/Community Council Advisers and their Assistant Directors of Representation. The goals of the representative emails were to provide talking points as a way to better support Representatives for their Hall/Community Council updates each week, provide them with refreshers/summaries of meetings, and (hopefully) give them a better sense of why they mattered to their councils. AD of Representation and adviser emails were to provide a line of open communication, provide up to date attendance information, and act as a way of dispelling information to halls unable to fill their RCSA representative position(s).

    3. Foster community among our members with team building and “big talk” activities and exercises.

    4. Choose future guest speakers according to what members want out of their time (survey).

  4. As pertains to diversity, inclusion, and social justice

    1. Met with Julia Esser and Brittany Gaalema numerous times to gather information on what inclusion looks like within HFS (presidents currently in place, events held for residents/pro staff, what my role in expanding could look like, and what more they wished were happening).

    2. Met with Maggie Fonseca to learn from the Ethnic Cultural Center what challenges they hear/see their students face living in residence halls and those unable to do so.

    3. With the help of Julia Esser, put together a few inclusion activities for General Council. Led one to gauge interest/level of knowledge/just talk about it because it’s very important, and had participants read articles and fill out feedback form after to tailor discussions to their interests beginning winter quarter.

    4. Met with Favour from ASUW briefly to discuss successes ASUW has had and challenges they face when it comes to inclusion.

  5. As pertains to partnerships

    1. Worked with WashPIRG for winter clothes drive in Residence Halls.

    2. Met (or set delegates to meet) with each Hall/Apartment communities RA/CA staff to ask about dining, facilities, and community building challenges, issues, “wins,” and concerns. Will continue this into the following quarters once a month.

  6. As pertains to recognition

    1. Completed first “Of the Month” competition of the 2018-2019 school year. Had six communities participate, and one hall completed all ten challenges and another completed nine out of ten.


  1. Lack of awareness from the general residential population that RCSA is an avenue for them to advocate for their complaints and see tangible change.

  2. Hall/Community council not feeling close or a part of RCSA. Our representatives do a wonderful job, and I will continue to be their largest supporter, but I’m not sure the rest of hall council can connect with us.

Goals for next quarter

  1. Work with Jessica Rashid, grad communities, our board, and GPSS for strategies to better engage grad students in their housing experiences (not necessarily community building, but what support they need from where they live, what resources we can provide, and how to get their voice heard more prevalently in the residential realm)

  2. Work with Dining to address the concerns of students (they put work into it now, but finding way to streamline the process, to provide them with hard data from student experiences/personal accounts, and advertise tangible changes)

  3. Provide community building ‘Of the Month’ challenges to engage more hall/community councils.

  4. Increase awareness of inclusion, diversity, social justice issues as they pertain to the residential experience. This can include holding an event with the ECC (a winter quarter project), continuing inclusion discussions at RCSA general council, starting an RCSA podcast/book club after general council to discuss a variety of topics in more depth, bias workshops open to all residents, urging hall councils to lead an event like this (or partner with their REP to host an event), etc.

  5. Working with the RCSA president, WashPIRG Hunger and Homelessness group, and others to look into housing for low-income students.

Advice for organization moving forward

  1. More collaboration between executive board members.