RCSA serves as the democratic voice of student residents and engages the on-campus residential community through engagement, ownership, and advocacy. We strive to enrich the student experience and develop future leaders.

This mission is accomplished through building community, working with administrators, and listening to the needs and wants of our residents.





Meet Our Team


Lucas Cauthen

Lucas is a fourth-year electrical and computer engineering major. After school he wishes to start a business focusing on computer vision and Artificial Intelligence. As president, Lucas wants to hold HFS accountable to students and create more avenues for students to be heard by HFS.

The President of RCSA serves as the chair of the Association and works to engage in, and facilitate, meaningful interactions between the residential community and those who oversee it. They are a liaison and mediator between residents and HFS professional staff.


Contact Lucas at rcsapres@uw.edu
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Ian Yu
Director, Communications

Ian is a third-year interaction design major. Ian wishes to work as a designer after school. As Director of Communications , Ian plans to use effective marketing strategies and communication styles to make RCSA more visible to the residents. Ian hopes, through marketing campaigns to best represent the brand of RCSA, to help residents understand the operations of RCSA. To build effective and clear communications is his primary goal of the year.

The Director of Communications works to generate, manage, and maintain the brand of the RCSA in addition to getting answers to your questions about HFS.


Contact Ian at rcsacomm@uw.edu
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Kennedy Cameron
Director, Administration and Finance

Kennedy is a second-year oceanography major who wants to go into environmental affairs focusing on the marine environment. As Director of Administration and Finance, Kennedy wishes to demystify the budget process and make it easier for students to understand where their money is going.

The Director of Administration and Finance chairs the Budget Advisory Committee, manages the funding proposal process, as well as other administrative tasks vital to the efficiency of the Association.


Contact Kennedy at rcsaadmn@uw.edu
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Trevor Hunt
Director, External Affairs

Trevor is a second-year political science major with dreams of becoming a Supreme Court justice. As Director of External Affairs, Trevor hopes to impact residents through effective legislation and lobbying efforts, collaborative partnerships with the ASUW, and serving as an ally, friend, and resource to everyone.

The Director of External Affairs works with the ASUW and other organizations outside of the UW. They also maintain RCSA’s governing documents and policies.


Contact Trevor at extaff@uw.edu // 360.216.6374
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